Mein Engländer

Dear Engländer,

I think about us all the time. Ever. I miss you. I want to be with you. And yes. I definitely want to try it. The truth is – We had these wonderful days in Sweden.. these wonderful months actually. And you’re in my head since then! I just can’t get you out off my head. So… the question is then: why not? Why not try?

I can’t forget you anyway. I really wanna be with you. I think about lying in your arms, kissing you, joking with you.. talking to you… just spending time with you! all that stuff.. I think about that so often. I miss it. Let’s try. We can’t lose anything. At least we should try. I still have enough money left from the months of work in my kita. We don’t need to worry about seeing each other. Flights are not that expensive and I saved a lot of the money. I’d love to spend it that way, really 🙂

And just imagine how my english is gonna improve in the next months 😀 I want this!!! 😀 And it could be your chance to learn German, actually 🙂 You’d love the llama farm, you just have to come here. The people are amazing, and some of them are fluent in English 🙂 Take my landlord for example. He used to be in America for a year when he was 16. And he still has contacts to Australia because of the llamas! He’s talking English really often. Plkus he’s an awesome guy! 🙂

And even if the others wouldn’t be fluent, most of them will talk to you! I’m convinced by that. They will be amazed to talk to a real british guy 😛 They are awesome ♥ They wouldn’t want you to feel uncomfortable. You wouldn’t feel uncomfortable. I’m so very sure. And I’ll be there as well 🙂 If all the Germanness gets to much for you we’ll just walk a llama 🙂

The Skype thing. We gonna have internet here in november, maybe december. Probably. If not so – and until then – I’ll be up to go to uni to skype with you! I’d love to do this. Uni is really close to my place, that’s pretty much alright.  It’s worth it!

And also – You could buy a contract on skype for 6 euros a month(change this in to pounds…) and you can call me via skype on my mobile. I have this homezone number (is it called homezone in your country – or is this a weird German thing like handy is?) And if you pay the 6 euros you can call me on that number.

So actually. If you’ve sorted out the thing with C****. If you feel fine with that. And if you’ll up to try. Let’s do it. 🙂


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